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Demolition and Reinstatement Services

Kedai Kaki Lelong™ has the resources and experts that work in teams catering towards office, restaurant and hotel reinstatement projects, dismantling of equipment and disposal of any bulky items, old furniture, equipments or electrical appliances. Our specialized teams are available 17 hours a day, seven days of the week, 365 days a year.
We undertake demolition contract work throughout Malaysia for clients ranging from private individuals through commercial developers and construction companies. We provide a full service on small to medium sized contracts, including stripping, demolition, site material management, recycling and reinstatement.
Typically, it is possible to recycle up to 85-90% of demolition waste and every effort is made during the demolition process to achieve the separation of materials required to ensure effective recycling. All our technical staff involved in demolition contracts have attended safety management training and are also trained on First Aid for on-site emergencies.

Purchasing Of New & Used Goods

With over 10 years as a market leader in Malaysia for purchasing overstock items, insurance claims, customs auctions, bailiff auctions, companies closing down, hotel refurbishments and hotel closeouts. We have the experience and expertise to help you with your decision making during tough transitions.

Kedai Kaki Lelong™ resells and we have a Green Initiative to recycle 85-90% of your goods that are no longer of use to you. Our clientele consists of all major leading 4 and 5-star hotels in Malaysia, corporate offices, international and Malaysian public listed companies just to name a handful.

If there is a way to sell your overstock goods or pre-loved furniture and equipment, Kedai Kaki Lelong™ can provide valuable guidance and in some cases even buy the goods directly from you or your company.

Rentals Of Furniture And Equipment

One of our key initiatives is to drive considerable value towards our customers and we do it by being flexible in our approach to fulfill your needs. As an added on value service, we also offer short term rental services for special occasions as well as long-term rentals for your business or residence.

So instead of paying full price for a-one-off occasion or full rate for rentals, you can now rent at a fraction of your budget and enjoy the use of the products of your liking. Our products range from banquet chairs and tables, kitchen equipment inclusive of cutleries and crockeries to furniture to dress temporary offices and even complete living rooms, all is possible.

Even delivery and collection is available to complete our rental services. Some terms and conditions do apply. Call us today to find out more about our rentals.

Scrap Material Removal Services

Here at Kedai Kaki Lelong™ we provide a wide range of services from factory and warehouse removal and clearing for businesses in and outside the Klang Valley to office and shop removal. We specialize in all types of scrap material removal such as scrap metal clearances, old furniture, partitions and fixed equipment for example lighting’s, ceilings, air-conditioners and machineries.

We remove your unwanted goods from anywhere within your facility and dispose of it responsibly according to standard legislation and appropriate guidelines. Our waste removal service covers the clearance and loading & disposal of all types of goods whether you have an office that needs clearing, a factory or warehouse, a shop or garage full of items that just have to go, simply call Kedai Kaki Lelong™ to deal with the removal of your scrap material.

Upholstery Repair Services

You find the “almost perfect” chair, that beautiful couch or that bar stool in the right height but you do not like the color or fabric? Not to worry, we even have a solution to turn that not so desirable piece of furniture into something that will leave you smiling.
Our team of professional tailors can upholster almost anything according to your wishes. We have a huge stock of selective fabrics with many designs and various grades of quality to choose from and all available at low prices. It is also possible to bring your own fabric and have the furniture completely custom made to your liking.

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